by Jordane Y. GAUDENZI


Since 2009, I work on my own body, probably by narcissism, but not only.

The self-portraiture is a dear theme for the artists from all the times, as the infernal couple Eros and Thanatos. I obeyed like the rest of humanity to impulses, cradled between sex and death: this “Ordinary Madness”, this headlong who drives us to live and irremediably to die.

This series “SMƟKe” grew out of a sad and difficult period, the desire to torment my body to feel it live, and see it breathe: inspire / expire and repeat it until the Death. Cigarette smoke (or drugs smoke …) is a source of pleasure and eroticism for me but also a symbol of irristible death pulsion (no no, my message isn’t “Smoking kills”, this message is pathetic, and i let you understand why …)

Maybe these instincts are stronger to me than in my congeners and perhaps Sex and Death aren’t so foreign to me. . . certainly because i agree with the absurdity of my life!

Jordane Yarden GAUDENZI for “Chameleon Magazine
May 2012